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Dream Wandz Flower Sticks are made from the highest quality wood cores and feature our unique leather lotus cup design. Our premium sets come with removable tassels so you can adjust the weight to your individual flow style. 

Every set of Dream Wandz is water marbled and hand assembled in our traveling workshop assuring that every set of Dream Wandz we produce will be as unique as the people who love them. 

Part dance, part exercise, and part juggling. 

A fun, dance like, exercise that builds focus, balance, control and hand-eye coordination. Takes minutes to learn the basics, but there are always new tricks to learn for a lifetime of fun.

Dream Wandz was originally founded in 2018 as a festival based sales business located primarily at the Market on the Plaza, in Mountain Village, Colorado. Dream Wandz are not sold in stores, they are only available at select festivals and markets and through our shop on Etsy. 

You can also find Dream Wands at the Texas Renaissance Festival every the fall. 

Being a festival based manufacturer, we have faced many trials as a small business in the past 6 years. Shut downs, supply line issues, and rising shipping costs combined with family losses and housing issues have certainly kept us looking for creative solutions.

Visit the Dream Wandererz YouTube Channel to find out where our Dream Wandz adventures have taken us this week. Stop by our booth for your free lesson and start your Dream Wandz journey today. 

Dream Wandz is a disabled owned and run business and proud of it.

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