Dream Wandz Flower Stix & Flow Arts

The Dream Wandz Difference Is Crystal Clear!

Every set of Dream Wandz Flower Sticks is lovingly handcrafted in our to be as just as unique as you are. Made for beginners and pros alike. Water marbled and hand assembled around a high strength core coated in a durable UV resistant rubberized grip. Our unique 3 panel lotus cup design adds a stable shelf for flip tricks, and superior balance. Available in a range of styles and lengths.

Sold as a set with one leather capped juggling baton and two control wandz. Control wandz also available separately.

Basix Flower Sticks

Super strong wood core
Stationary tassels
Perfect for beginners


Super strong wood core
Adjustable tassels
End caps on control wandz

Pro Series

Reinforced fiberglass core
Adjustable tassels
End capped control wandz

Due to fiberglass supply issues PRO stock is limited.

Basix come with stationary tassels. Reflex Line and Pro Series tassels can be added to slow down your flow, or removed entirely for a super fast devil stick like play.

Dream Wandz Pro sets also come with a repair or replace promise. We make our flower sticks to last. We will replace worn out leather, grip, or broken handsticks on all of our Pro fiberglass sets. Just ship them back to us and we will fix them up and send them back to you in a snap, good as new. Wood core sets can be repaired for a small fee.

Yes! We can repair older sticks made by Crystal Sticks or other brands. Call us for a quote. (970) 864-7540

Dream Wandz Flower Stix are available only on ETSY.

Join us on our YouTube channel to follow all of Dream Wandz adventures in our quest to find more dream wandererz!

Go With The Flow

Water Days 2019

Flow Arts – A Film

Want to sell Dream Wandz at your event? Visit our vendors page.

Cover for Dream Wandz Stix
Dream Wandz Stix

Dream Wandz Stix

Dream Wandz flower Stix are made with the highest quality bison leather, and a reinforced fiberglass

4 months ago

Dream Wandz Stix
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1 years ago

Dream Wandz Stix
Dream Wandz will be at the Fruita Fall Festival Friday and Saturday. Stop by for your free lesson! ... See MoreSee Less
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2 years ago

Dream Wandz Stix
Have fun teaching kids and adults how to use flower stix and poi at fairs, festivals, farmers markets and flea markets. You keep 40% of all sales, choose your own events, hours, and territory. Can work from anywhere! ... See MoreSee Less
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2 years ago

Dream Wandz Stix
The Dream Wandz Stix crew will be at the Market on the Plaza in Mountain Village Wednesdays from 10 to 4 doing live demos and flower stick lessons. Stop by our booth and learn how to go with the flow. Use our free demos or bring your own. See you there!#mountainvillage #marketfavorites #marketontheplaza ... See MoreSee Less
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