Go With The flow With Dream Wandz Flower Stix

Where old school style meets high tech materials.

Dream Wandz come in 12 hand marbled colors and 4 different sizes ranging from our 18″ mini sets to our Nightmare 27″ sets. Tassels can be added easily using our click lock system for a slower flow. Or remove them all together for a more devil stick style play.

Our professional quality fiberglass sets are made from only the finest bison leather with a reinforced fiberglass core wrapped in a sturdy pearlized super grip outer coating.

New to Dream Wandz? Check out these videos…

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Due to an increase in cost of supplies, we have had to raise our prices. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes.

NOW SEEKING SALES TEAMS: Interested in selling Dream Wandz flow arts products? Love hanging out at Farmers Markets, Renaissance Faires, Music Festivals, or Comic Cons? Fun costumes aren’t required but are recommended to up the fun factor.

Spin with friends and keep up to 50% of the profits for yourself. (Must have a resale license on file with us.) Apply today!