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About Dream Wandz Flower Sticks

Welcome to Dream Wandererz, where the magic of flow comes to life through our premium Dream Wandz Flower Sticks. 🌟


Crafted with precision and passion, our Dream Wandz Flower Sticks are made from the highest quality wood cores, ensuring durability and performance. Each set features our unique leather lotus cup design, adding both elegance and functionality to your flow experience. 🌺 Our premium sets come with removable tassels, allowing you to customize the weight to match your individual flow style.

Unique Design

Every set of Dream Wandz is water marbled and hand-assembled in our traveling workshop, ensuring that no two sets are exactly alike. 🎨 The vibrant colors and intricate patterns make each set a true work of art, reflecting the creativity and uniqueness of the individuals who use them.


The Flow Experience

Part dance, part exercise, and part juggling, Dream Wandz Flower Sticks offer a fun and dynamic way to build focus, balance, control, and hand-eye coordination. 🎶💃 With just minutes to learn the basics and a lifetime of tricks to explore, our Flower Sticks provide endless opportunities for growth and creativity.

Our Journey

Founded in 2018, Dream Wandz has been a labor of love from the beginning. Originally a festival-based sales business located primarily at the Market on the Plaza in Mountain Village, Colorado, we've since expanded to select festivals and markets across the country. Despite the challenges we've faced as a small, festival-based manufacturer, we remain dedicated to providing the highest quality products and sharing the joy of flow with our community.

Stay in Touch

Visit our booth at a festival near you to experience the magic of Dream Wandz Flower Sticks firsthand. 🌈 Follow us on our social media channels to stay updated on our latest adventures and product releases. Let's flow together and make every moment a masterpiece. 🚀🌟

Join Us on Our Journey

Dream Wandz is proudly owned and operated by individuals with disabilities, and we celebrate the diversity and resilience of our team. 💪

Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey of flow, connection, and growth. Together, let's dream big and flow even bigger. 🚀🌟

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