Dream Wandz Flower Sticks School and Youth Programs

Partner with Dream Wandz & change your school for the better – Let us show you how! School juggling programs have been linked to improved academic performance, better focus, concentration, increased fine motor skills & self-confidence in students. 

What started as a fun circus hobby now has the backing of science. Scientists have found increased activity in those parts of the brain relating to visual and motor skills. Juggling starts changing the brain in subtle ways at first, building hand-eye coordination, improving reaction time, and leading to quicker thinking. Neuroscientists have now found that juggling can even make the brain grow. More gray matter is always welcome in school, right? 

You can find out more about the benefits of juggling for your students (and yourself!) by visiting these links: 

Our Dream Wandz team can teach your students the basics of flower stick juggling in a few simple steps. We start with simple moves like a pop and toss, a basic spin & doubles catch to familiarize beginners with their sticks. 



Once the students become comfortable with the basics we work with them as they progress through more advanced juggling moves. Flower sticks are perfect for small groups of students (10 – 20) to learn at their own pace.

We welcome school invitations to work with physical education classes or individual teachers bringing us in for their specialty class.

We should warn you though… flower stick juggling is addictive and your students will want us to come back time and time again. Some of your students will even carry their new habits with them into adulthood. 

Yes! We offer a bulk discount to schools for Dream Wandz purchase. Feel free to inquire through our email or discuss it with us at your live demonstration.