An Introduction to Dream Wandz Flower Sticks

Dream Wandz may be new to you, but the basic design for flower sticks dates back at least 200 years. Flower sticks have remained popular among the circus arts, Renaissance fair, hippie and music festival crowds for generations. Today it isn’t unusual to find a few sets of sticks spinning at any given festival. Spinners still pop up on beaches and at raves around the world.

There is something about their movement that is just magical. Whether you are watching someone else spin, or finding your flow with your own sticks, there is a dream like feeling that overtakes you. A moving meditation, juggling can help even the most hyperactive mind slow down and learn how to focus.

Flower sticks or some variation of juggling sticks can now be found in many cultures around the world, it is thought they were invented in China and refrences to them can be found as far back as the early 1800’s.

The original design consisting of a wooden stick wrapped in leather with weighted ends which was then tossed, or juggled between two hand sticks. Today flower sticks are rarely made of wood. Fiberglass and plastic composites are now commonly used for the shaft of the batons and handsticks.

Most types of flower sticks made today are coated in a rubber like sticky tubing to add grip between the baton and the hand sticks or control wandz. Some makers have gone to all plastic composite toy style models, while others have gone full high tech with the design.

Dream Wandz brand flower sticks have chosen to join new high-tech materials with old school craftsmanship. We use a reinforced fiberglass core for both our batons and control wandz. In a nod to the old ways, we still use leather for our lotus flower bells.

We use only the highest quality bison (and buffalo) leather for weight and longevity. Bison leather is stronger than traditional cow leather, because it is unstretched it is left thicker and thus up to 40% more durable than traditional cowhide. Our sticks use a 3 panel vented design for the lotus flower end caps, for more durability and less waste.

Speaking of waste, we are committed to using a minimal amount of packaging. No wasteful plastic casing or wraps to clog up the landfills. Your sticks will last a lifetime with proper care and use, so no need to replace or upgrade them every few years. In most cases older sticks can be regripped, and recapped with fresh leather. When we repair or replace damaged sticks we use materials and manufacturers that allow us to reclaim as much of the source material as possible.

Dream Wandz are hand-crafted by a family of flow artists just like you. We’ve all used a variety of stick styles, but when it came to designing our own dream line we wanted professional quality sticks that were light-weight, balanced, and durable. We also thought the end cups should be strong enough to take the abuse that we put them through.

And while we were at it, we thought they should be beautiful too.

Each stick is hand dipped into a paint solution that leaves a beautiful marble finish, which is then protected for life by a special rubberized coating that adds a pearlized sheen. Then each end of the baton is capped with our special lotus cup design and a clip ring so you can add or remove your tassels. Not only making them replaceable, but customizable and a true fashion accessory. We do our very best to make each and every flower stick that comes out of our shop a work of art.

Our dream set of flower sticks are now YOUR Dream Wandz!

It took the Dream Wandz team years of practice to get our sticks just right, and we aren’t done yet. We have some big plans in the future so stay tuned. New product lines, new tassel style and leather colors, new LED add-ons and more flow toys!

As each artist develops their own style and technique a Dream Wandz spinner can spend hundreds of hours with their flower sticks over the years. We believe that should be celebrated. Your flower sticks should be a reflection of who you are as an artist.

Choose your weight! Choose YOUR color! Choose your size! Choose YOUR Dream Wandz flower sticks today!

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